Evamaria Schaller | Kunst-Station Sankt Peter

Tuesday, May 8th, 8.30 pm: Evamaria Schaller – DOZE
Film and performance, 2017/ 2018

DOZE is a metaphorical journey into the landscape of the Atlas mountains, which are reflected through the anonymous female body. The emptiness of nature and the early hours in Morocco develop a new, a different life. Based on DOZE (developed during the QQ Residency between Cologne and Marrakech), Evamaria Schaller has developed a site-specific performance especially for Kunst-Station Sankt Peter: a resonance between body and architecture, the emptiness between concealment and exposure of the body, the oscillation between communication and action. An attempt to appropriate the church space by striding through it, to create an common space of action together with the audience which an uncertainty about the following steps. An experiment that aims to explore the performative appreciation of emptiness in a site-specific setting.