Mary-Audrey Ramirez | D21 Leipzig

ANGER is a solution if anger means kittens
Opening: Friday, September 14th 2018
D21 Kunstraum Leipzig

The exhibition is a curatorial collaboration between Collective Çukurcuma (Naz Cuguoğlu/ Mine Kaplangı/ Serhat Cacekli), Eva Liedtjens and Nada Schroer. It was realised in the context of the program “Curator’s Lab” at D21 Leipzig as part of the annual program “Emotional States” focusing on the politics of emotions.

Next to Mary-Audrey Ramirez the show contains works by anna anthropy, Miriam J. Carranza, Vera Drebusch, Line Finderup Jensen, Olga Holzschuh, Ali Miharbi, Lara Ögel and Berkay Tuncay.

The show is on view through October 21st 2018.